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Recognition. Ten Warning Signs Of Alcoholism.

Recognition and admission of alcohol dependency are the most important factors to recovering from alcoholism and below are ten warning signs of alcoholism.

This list is by no means exhaustive and is not in any particular order but is meant as a guide to help you determine whether you or someone you know suffers from alcoholism.

1  Do you find yourself consuming extra drinks at parties or when you meet friends or acquaintances at bars?  This is a sign that you probably drink more than you would consider sociably acceptable.

2  Do you drink alone?  Social drinking is one thing, but we believe that drinking alone is one of the sure fire ten warning signs of alcoholism or growing alcohol dependency.  Drinking alone indicates a need for alcohol.

3  Do you under exaggerate the amount you drink?  Again, this would imply that the amount you drink would not be considered to be at a socially acceptable level.

4  Do you need a drink in order to set yourself up for the day?  An obvious sign of dependency is being Dependant on alcohol in order to perform ordinary every day tasks.

5  Do you suffer from regular alcohol related accidents?  If you are drinking to a level where you are more likely to have an accident, but do not consider this a good reason to stop drinking then there is a good chance you are becoming dependent on alcohol.

6  Are you drinking more than you did a year, or two years, ago?  Is this because it takes more alcohol to get you drunk?  If this is the case, your dependency may be getting stronger, your immune system can cope with the effects of alcohol more than it could.

7  Have you bee unable to remember what happened whilst you were drunk?  This may not necessarily be a sign of alcoholism but if it keeps happening, it means that you are willing to face the effects if it means you can have another drink.

8  Do you drink to relax yourself?  This is a definite sign of dependency, especially if it's a daily occurrence which you look forward to at a similar time every day.  Don't get into a habit, or it will become a habit.

9  Do you avoid going places where there is no alcohol?  If you're dependent on something, it means you can't do without it.

10  Do you drink before going to a party or the pub?  If you're going to a function or for a night out and you know that there will be alcohol served, drinking extra alcohol implies you are suffering from dependency.

We believe that these are the ten warning signs of alcoholism which you should be looking out for if you are concerned about suffering from alcohol dependency.  This site offers a huge amount of information regarding these ten warning signs of alcoholism but for alcoholism related websites, try our Ten Warning Signs Of Alcoholism Resources section.

Ten Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

Ten Warning Signs Of Alcoholism Resources




It is very important to remember that alcoholism is a disease, or a progressive illness and it affects approximately 5 million people around the United States of America and whilst there is presently no cure for the disease there are a number of alcohol treatment center which are set up in order to help rehabilitate alcoholics.
Alcoholism sufferers find it impossible to give up their habit because they no longer possess the free will to kick the habit.  The dangers of excessive consumption of alcohol means that there are numerous physical as well as psychological problems which affect sufferers.  These are ordinarily long term problems which may be evident long after the alcoholic has managed to control the obsession.
An alcohol treatment center not only help alcoholics recover from their dependency but may also offer help with the physical problems commonly associated with alcoholism.  The true cause of alcoholism isn't known, although recent and ongoing studies have found that some cases of alcohol dependency are genetic.  There are cases of alcoholism running in the family.
There is also no known cure for alcoholism, an alcohol treatment center proving to be one of the most efficient sources of help on the road to recovery.  Masses of self determination and strong will are required to recover and admission to an alcohol treatment center can offer help, support and experience in helping to overcome the problems.